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Dangri Frock Set (Babies)

Introducing our adorable unisex Kidswear collection, featuring the charming Dangri Frock Set designed especially for babies. Crafted with comfort and style in mind, this set comes in a delightful double-colored palette, including White Blue and White Maroon options. Available in a range of sizes from 0 to 9 months, ensuring the perfect fit for your little one’s growth milestones. Dress your baby in comfort and cuteness with our versatile Dangri Frock Set!

  • Kidswear (Unisex)
  • Dangri Frock Set for Babies
  • Color: (Double coloured) White Blue, White Maroon
  • Sizes Available: 0 – 3 months, 3 – 6 months, 6 – 9 months


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