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Partywear Coat and Skirt Set (Girls)

Introducing our enchanting Kidswear collection, featuring a delightful Warm Partywear Coat and Skirt Set designed exclusively for girls. Elevate your little one’s style with this charming ensemble in a sophisticated Dark Green hue, perfect for special occasions. Crafted with comfort in mind, this set is available in sizes tailored for the ages of 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 years, ensuring a perfect fit for your precious one. Embrace the joy of dressing up with this adorable outfit that combines warmth, style, and the magic of childhood celebrations.


  • Kidswear
  • Warm Partywear Coat and Skirt Set for Girls
  • Color – Dark Green
  • Size: 1 to 2, 2 to 3 years


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